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it's called a vulva, geoff                                                                                   closes 12pm : 31/05/2022

We are currently open for submissions to our brand-new anthology all about the vulva and vagina.

It's Called a Vulva, Geoff is a collection of poems that explores the reluctance in our society to use the word vulva, instead lumping it in with the vagina and treating it as an afterthought. Inspired by Hollie McNish's recent campaign to stop people from mis-naming our genitals, it is a celebration of the female anatomy, digging deep into societal expectations, judgements, emotions and opinions around the words. 

Some ideas you may want to use include:

  • Vulva shaming

  • Euphemism 

  • Birth and the changing face of the vulva

  • Appearances and upkeep in the age of porn

We welcome poems by anyone who currently owns, or has owned, a vulva. Gender is irrelevant, but please include your pronouns in your submission if you'd like these to be acknowledged.

There are very few rules - in fact, there is only one - poems must include the word vulva at least once. Vagina is also welcomed, so long as a distinction between the two is made.

submission window extended!



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  • We accept poetry and written work that has not been officially published - if it's on your socials, it will still be considered

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