Full of colour and longing, each piece is a delicious journey of transformation.

- Alix Klingenberg, Author of Secrets & Stars


Unearthing the roots of experiencing her first heartbreak, Emma-Jane Barlow documents the chaotic and metaphoric journey of the loss of love, the beginnings of new love and the power of self-love in this raw and brazen second collection.


Full of candour and concrete emotions, these pages explore the vulnerability of betrayal and how relinquishing control and embracing change can set a spirit free.


Emma Jane's writing has a way of opening portals of emotions within ourselves. Her use of language draws the reader in. Not one to shy away from weaving metaphors, her poetry is both profound and delightful.

- SueAnn Summers Griessler, Poet & Illustrator.


Emma-Jane has mastered the art of taking her experiences and turning them into beautiful poetry. I’m amazed at how effortlessly and elegantly she crafts magnificent pieces that pull at your heartstrings every time.

- Serena Morrigan, Author of A Song From Every Scar


Emma-Jane has the talent to evoke powerful emotions. Paired with sublime imagery in every piece, her poetry is touching, relatable, insightful and always a joy to read.

- Noelle Darilek, Author of Night Swimming & Red Herring

Sins & Sunflowers: Emma-Jane Barlow

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