Bent Key is a micro-publisher. We are highly dedicated to our writers, and work closely with them to produce outstanding collections.

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mother poets

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Full collections: 2022-23 Roster

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tom stocks

aka The Chubby Northerner

Poetry with a twist and shake

Tom joined Bent Key in December 2021 and released his first collection in March 2022.

His poetry is observational, witty, pithy and goes against the traditional poetry grain - expect Northern antics, rants, memories and comedy.

Photo by James Melia


loll perkin

Manchester's very own angry bird 

Masterfully combining a breakdown of past experiences with the things in life that make her tick, Loll Perkin is as talented as she is unique. A Manchester barber with a penchant for styling words as well as hair, you can expect acerbic rhymes, beautiful tapestries of urban life and adventures in dating, love and more.


romina ramos

Working Class Writings

Romina Ramos is a Portuguese-born poet who now resides in Bolton. Their work is drenched in memories of the past intermingled with the excitement of an unknown future - effortlessly painting glorious pictures of a history spent forming a strong and coherent identity. 

Their debut collection Sardines is due for release in Winter.


rebecca kenny

The Poet Who Broke Her Back

Rebecca is the founder of Bent Key and has dedicated her recovery to forming it with a view to raising non-traditional poetic voices.

Her poetry focuses on life, loss and the mundane parts of existence that we don't always notice, but when we do, make us feel something.


ilaria passeri

Stories with confusing and often hilarious gravitas, delivered with wit and substance. Arriving September 2022

Ilaria Passeri has had something of a unique life. From dead pets to Dubai, she's seen, heard and smelled it all - however, her stories remain innately relatable.

Ilaria is working with Bent Key on our first multi-media collection of stories - exciting times indeed...

Photo by Andy Hollingworth


will stevenson

Barding in Bolton

Will Stevenson is a rapper, poet and one half of the inimitable Switchblade Society, a monthly poetry evening where poets read not only their own work, but the work of other poets too. 

His work explores politics, the machinations of society, personal relationships and the nature of life in Britain today, all with a distinct passion for the change that spoken word and the arts can create.

His second collection, title TBC, is dropping in Winter.

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emma-jane barlow

Northern poetry with heart and soul, coming May 2022

Emma-Jane is a successful poet with her first self-published collection Darkness and Light hitting the bestseller lists in 2020.

Her work focuses on mental health, love, loss and the deep connection we as people have with planet Earth.


anthony briscoe

The Bard of Blackpool

Anthony Briscoe is a master performer. Expertly overlapping hilarious anecdotal poetry with poignant reflections on mental health, his work leaves you breathless with laughter one minute and close to tears the next, all whilst looking like the emo supply teacher you all fancied at one point.

His first collection is coming October 2022. 

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rebecca phythian

Not a D*sney princess

Rebecca Phythian is a loud and proud Mancunian with the accent, attitude and talent to match. A true triple-threat, you can find Rebecca treading the boards if she isn't reading poetry, be it as part of a panto or running her very own stage show.

Her work focuses on her own sense of self, her outlook on life and love, and the feelings she has harboured inside since discovering the love of her life. 

Perfect Mess drops in early 2023

Chapbook authors: 2o22-23


james walton

Beltin' poetry from Wigan

James also joined Bent Key in December 2021. 

He will be releasing his first chapbook in March 2022. Expect phonetically-spelled Lancashirian perfection alongside nostalgia and chip barms - a collection to make you want to hug your mam and go for a pie dinner.

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isabelle byrne

Sensuality, sexuality and mental health

Isabelle Byrne has the voice of an angel, but her poetry is anything but pure - flying in the face of traditional patriarchal expectations of femininity, her work is daring, highly ambitious and charged with the static of want and lust.


ellen clayton

Homebaked nostalgia

Ellen is a poet based in the South of England. She is a member of the Mum Poet Press and has built her upcoming collection around the themes of memories, food, relationships and family rituals. 

Ellen's words are like a warm bath with a posh hot chocolate. Dive in!


daniel skentelbery

A poetic soap-opera that will grab you by the ears

Daniel Skentelbery's upcoming collection, Miss Peacock and the Actress, will challenge your views of traditional poetry and open your eyes to a very special story with all the twists and turns of Hollyoaks... only good.


laura lewis-waters

Tough-as-nails poetry with the softest of edges

Laura joined Bent Key in Spring 2022. Her debut chapbook, Bathroom Prisoners, focuses on life with a person struggling to tackle their mental health. It is open, honest, heart-breaking and incredibly evocative.


alice godliman

A kind of magic

Alice Godliman's work is fierce, feminine, fancy and fragile all at once. Combining traditional poetic form with spells and magic, her upcoming collection is not to be missed - it really is a kind of magic.


Tom Blake


Tom Blake's work is existential, common as muck and kitch as fuck to boot. Come along for the ride; just make sure you're wearing your best shirt


emily cooke

A proper Northern lass

Happy, smiley and completely weird, Emily Cooke's work is a very special experience. Combining sensibility and wit, she delivers powerful messages with a punch

queer poets 2022


Our Queer Poets Collective represent some of the finest LGBTQ+ talent on the scene. We believe these poets show an important part of our society that for too long has been asked to suppress itself in the arena of traditional publishing. Things are improving, but the strive for equality continues.


Caitlin mckenna

Queer poetry from Leeds

Caitlin's work explores the nature of queerness, the self and what it means to exist in today's uncertain times. 

Her words are raw, expressive and forceful - but manage to retain soft edges. A true talent


scarlett ellson

Bi Pride and Poetry

Scarlett is a proud bisexual woman who often battles marginalisation from a society who are keen to ignore her queer side. Her work explores love, spiritualism, powerful human interactions and sex, all with an excellent command of imagery.


stevie turner

Poetry with wit, wearing heels

Stevie explores the depths of the human condition, looking at the misfits and strangers who sit just beneath the squeaky-clean surface of the Northern Quarter and beyond. 

This is poetry that isn't afraid to be political or powerful, and it shows.


eddie jones

Poetry for Trans People

Eddie's work pulls on themes of a bygone era, drawing upon classical poetry and traditional form before bashing it over the head with queerdom and resistance.