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ADMIT ONE: dad jokes


Welcome to the future, poetry fans. Now you don't just read a book - you also get to watch this 31 year-old man recite them at you from a field somewhere outside Stockport. 

What a buzz. Technology, eh.

No, but really. This hidden section of the website exists for you to be able to watch Anthony Briscoe, a proudly dyslexic poet, perform some of the pieces from his debut collection, starting with this, the opening poem - Sold Out.

The reason for these videos is to prove that poetry is not reserved for those with the patience or ability to sit down and read a book. Because it isn't - it's an art form that should be enjoyed by everybody. If you prefer to listen, here's your chance. Want to see Briscoe's mug as you hear the words whirling around in your noggin? Gotcha.


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